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Who are We?

We are Adam Foods, a newly created company with over 75 years of history. Our mission is for everyone to enjoy food. We believe that food is a pleasure, a responsible pleasure, and we want all our customers and consumers to enjoy it just as much as we do..

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Make Adam Foods Your Wholesale Poultry Distributor

You know a great package of chicken when you see it – the color and the plumpness that promise a delicious meal. Your customers at the restaurant love your chicken dishes. Your family at home looks forward to your famed chicken dinners. The magic all begins with making sure that you are getting the best poultry possible from your wholesale chicken distributor.

That is why we are the perfect match for your restaurant, cafeteria, catering company or grocery store. When you are trying to decide which of the wholesale chicken distributors in the marketplace will help your business’ reputation for quality and your bottom line the most – the answer is Adam Foods.

There are many wholesale chicken distributors seeking your business, but only Adam Foods has over sixty years of experience in the food service industry serving customers not only in Hamburg, Germany but also worldwide. Since 1961, we have dedicated ourselves to providing quality foods and quality service at reasonable costs. Adam Foods wants to be a partner in your business’ success. We at Adam Foods make ordering, delivery, and invoicing hassle-free for you. You have enough to do running your business. You should not have to deal with issues from a poultry supplier – and you will not have to if you chose us.